Because all the world’s a stage…

L’Estany Arts interprets the world.

With over 20 years of writing experience, L’Estany works with museums, educators, parks, non-profits, government and private companies to create stories that stay with viewers forever.

L’Estany’s interpretive writing is flawless, innovative, timely and provocative.

Endless curiosity, intelligence and passion define L’Estany’s ethic.

We can help you with your work. We’ll bridge your passion and your audience’s potential for inspired, engaged learning.

Clients include:

The Royal British Columbia Museum

The University of Victoria

The Nature Conservancy of Canada

Rocketday Arts

The Capital Regional District

The Community Mapping Collaboratory

The Pacific Salmon Foundation

Open School BC



Read about some of L’Estany’s recent projects. 

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Maleea Acker, Principal